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Social Sciences

The Division of Social Sciences prepares students to pursue dynamic research in history, political science, psychology, sociology, and social work. With a philosophy that embeds the core values of integrity, scholarship, and professionalism, the division promotes analysis and critical thinking through scientific and social research. Graduates demonstrate the highest level of competency in their respective areas of focus while guided by a focus on social justice and a multi-cultural perspective.  

Degrees Offered:

  • BA in Political Science

  • BSW in Social Work

  • BS in Criminal Justice

  • BA in Psychology

  • BA in Sociology

    • Minor: Black Family Studies

OUR GRADUATES:  Professional and graduate studies programs;  clinics and medical institutes; department of social and health services; managers; recipients of the J.D., M.S., and Ph.D.; social and political advocates; local, state, and national government; criminal justice; public policy; social workers; psychologists; sociologists; lawyers; judges; international advisers; consultants, and interpreters.


Chair: Dr. Daniel Egbe
Phone: (501) 370-5232
Location: Titus Academic Center, Suite B, Room 205