Department of Sociology

Sociology is the study of rules, roles, and relationships; that is, it is the science of society. It offers students a better understanding of their society and the consequences of social interaction. Undergraduate courses in sociology or social work prepare students for graduate work or provide further preparation for careers in law, nursing, counseling, business, the ministry, civil service, human services, industrial relations, social or cultural research, or teaching.

The Department of Sociology offers the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. A total of 124 hours of course work are required for the completion of the degree, 53 of which include the general education requirements of the University.

Major requirements for each degree are listed below.

Sociology 113 is a prerequisite to all other departmental courses.

The course requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology include the following categories:

1. General education and institutional requirements.

2. Sociology required courses.

3. Sociology Electives: Electives may be chosen from outside the department to satisfy career objectives

The Major in Sociology
The major in sociology requires the following departmental courses: 113, 123, 233, 303, 313, 333, 343, 413, 423, 433, 443, 463, and 483. Consult with the chairperson of the Department of Sociology to coordinate course work with future career goals.

The Minor in Sociology
A minor in sociology consists of eighteen (18) hours of course work. Sociology 113, 123, and 233 are required. The remaining nine (9) hours are to be selected from courses numbering 300 and above.

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