<span>Division of</span> Arts & Humanities

Division of Arts & Humanities

Arts And Humanities

The Division of Arts & Humanities works to produce critical and reflective thinkers, inquirers, communicators, writers, promoters, performing artists, community leaders, and ethical professionals.

The Department of Language and Letters seeks to develop English Majors and Minors who are critical and reflective thinkers and communicators with the skills and knowledge to enter a myriad of career fields.

The Department of Philosophy and Religion continues the rich heritage of the United Methodist Church, which is to produce critical reflective graduates, inquiring communicators, active truth seekers in the rich intellectual tradition of ethical values and ideas, founded in philosophical and religious inquiry.

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts produces critical and reflective graduates who implement social justice principles as ways of researching, reviewing, and investigating, various mediums of visual and performing arts through the examination process of creation, performance, and production for arts-based advocacy.

Degrees Offered:
BA in English
BA in Philosophy and Religion
BA in Christian Education
BA in Visual and Performing Arts

Social Justice
Philosophy and Religion
Christian Education
Visual and Performing Arts

OUR GRADUATES: Employment by local, state, and federal government; department chairs and deans in secondary and post-secondary education; teachers in secondary education; university professors; ministers; journalism; broadcasting; advertising; public policy; academic fellows; recipients of the J.D., M.A., and Ph.D.; managers; legal examiners; lawyers; judges; literacy interventionists; and consultants

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Applicants for the Major in English should declare intent no later than the start of sophomore year.

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Philosophy and Religion

The Department of Philosophy and Religion graduates are prepared to enter graduate school leading to professional careers in Theological Education, Medicine, Ministry, Law, Public Service, Civil Service, Peace Corps, and Social Justice Advocacy.

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Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts curriculum consists of two defined areas of focus, Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

Dr. Sonia Brown
Division Chair, Arts & Humanities
Phone: 501-975-8523
Location:Titus Building: Suite D, Room 227