<span>Philander Smith</span> Management Institute (PSMI)

Philander Smith Management Institute (PSMI)

Philander Smith Management Institute (PSMI)

The Philander Smith University Management Institute (PSMI) provides adults the opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s degree by attending class one night per week in a program that is academically challenging yet flexible to meet the needs of non-traditional students.

PSMI course registration is completed one session at a time. The individual courses are offered in succession, with the second course starting the week after the completion of the first course; the third course after completion of the second course, etc. A PSMI advisor will register students at designated times during the year. The following chart identifies all of the courses that must be completed to earn a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management.

Admission Requirements

  • At least 56 credit hours from an accredited college/university (minimum 2.0 GPA./4.0 scale) on all accepted credit
  • At least 24 credit hours for work experience and/or training may qualify as “credit for prior learning”
  • Completed PSMI application and payment of a non-refundable $25.00 application fee
  • Official transcripts from high school and all colleges/universities or institutions of higher education attended
  • Current Immunization Record
  • Completed Federal Financial Aid Information Packet


The Philander Smith Management Institute contributes to the University’s mission of graduating academically accomplished students who are also advocates for social justice when it can demonstrate the intentionality, coherent rationale, and plan of accountability for student learning and business management competencies, leadership strategies, and higher levels of critical thinking and problem-solving.


  • Educate students for an organization management degree within 18 months
  • Integrate student-learning and experiences to model competency and efficiency in the classroom and in the workforce
  • Ensures quality education for the greater community
  • Enhance strategic leadership for the greater community