Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

PSC's Criminal Justice Program is just what you need!


If you enjoy the opportunity to study everything from law, psychology, sociology, public administration, and more, then majoring in criminal justice is a good fit for you! Not only does the field of criminal justice aid individuals to explore every aspect of crime, the law, and the justice system, it opens the door for a wide range of career opportunities. Listed below are a few reasons why you should consider majoring in criminal justice:

• If you want to take an in-depth look at criminal justice from the criminal offense to the systems of punishment, including mental health, policing, juvenile justice systems, legal systems as well as corrections management and operations

• If you want to engage in critical thinking and communication style competence to become a professional member in the field of criminal justice

• If you want to commit to social justice through research, evaluation, and service

Expansive Career Opportunities:

- Armed Services
- Corrections
- Crime Lab
- Forensics
- Forensic Nursing
- Government Agencies
- Law Enforcement
- Legal Field
- Private Security and Investigations
- Public Policy Analysts
- Substance Abuse Counseling

Need An Option That's Completely Online? Look No Further!

Philander Smith University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program that emphasizes the context of crime, research, and social justice considerations. The online Bachelor of Science program includes the same courses that on-campus students take to meet degree requirements, affording working individuals the opportunity to have access to interdisciplinary courses that prepare them to be professional leaders who manifest the needed skills for graduate studies and careers in criminal justice. Courses in the online program emphasize critical and creative thought, as well as, effective communication skills through research, evaluation, and service to the community.


- Introduction to Criminal Justice
- Introduction to Legal Systems
- Juvenile Justice
- Criminal Behavior
- Police Systems
- Community Corrections
- Victimology
- Criminology
- Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
- Applied Research Methods
- Criminal Investigation
- Ethics in Criminal Justice
- CJ Internship
- Senior Seminar


- Minorities, Crime, and Social Policy
- Women, Crime, and Justice
- Judicial Process
- Forensic Science
- Studies of Gangs
- Domestic Violence
- Serial Killers
- Terrorism
- Cyberspace Criminal Activity

Chair: Dr. Carmen Hardin
Phone: (501) 370-5237

Online Program Advisor: Dr. Alexis Griggs