President's Executive Cabinet

The Vice Presidents and Senior Administrators of the University comprise the President's Executive Cabinet. These senior-level officials work closely with the President to establish and implement goals and priorities for Philander Smith University.

Dr. Gregory Hudson background image
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Dr. Gregory Hudson

Title: Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Interim Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Role(s): Faculty & Staff

Location(s): ML Harris 2nd Floor

Department(s): Student Affairs

Dr. Shannon Clowney-Johnson background image
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Dr. Shannon Clowney-Johnson

Title: Vice President for Academic Affairs / Chief Academic Officer

Role(s): Faculty & Staff

Location(s): Titus Academic Building, SuiteE

Department(s): Academic Affairs

B.A., Wellesley College M.P.A., Universtiy of Arkansas at Little Rock M.A., University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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Mrs. Latonya Hayes

Title: Vice President for Sponsored Programs, Title III Director

Role(s): Faculty & Staff

Location(s): Cox Building 2nd Floor

Department(s): Title III

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Dr. Kaleybra Mitchell

Title: Interim Vice President Institutional Advancement

Role(s): Faculty & Staff

Location(s): Kelly Hall

Department(s): Institutional Advancement

Rev. Ronnie Miller-Yow background image
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Rev. Ronnie Miller-Yow

Title: Chaplain

Role(s): Faculty & Staff

Location(s): ML. Harris 2nd Floor

Department(s): Student Affairs

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Mr. Nicholas Tea

Title: Chief Information Officer

Role(s): Faculty & Staff

Location(s): Reynolds Library

Department(s): Campus Information Services