<span>Undergraduate</span> Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Degree Programs

Philander Smith University offers 21 undergraduate majors across 5 core academic divisions, and 1 graduate degree program. Such a wide range of disciplines offers innovative and integrated approaches to the liberal arts curriculum. Emphasized also is undergraduate research, experiential learning, and study abroad.

<span>Division of</span> Arts & Humanities background image

Division of Arts & Humanities

The Division of Arts & Humanities works to produce critical and reflective thinkers, inquirers, communicators, writers, promoters, performing artists, community leaders, and ethical professionals.

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Division of Education

The Division of Education’s goal is to graduate professionals prepared to model critical and creative thinking to improve the quality of life for students, their families, and the community.

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Division of Business Administration

The Division of Business Administration offers comprehensive graduate school and career preparation.

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Division of General Education

The Division of General Education contributes to the University’s mission by preparing students to become “academically accomplished.”

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Division of Natural & Physical Sciences

The Division of Natural and Physical Sciences graduates academically accomplished students with comprehensive knowledge in the fields of science, technology, and mathematics.

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Division of Social Sciences

The Division of Social Sciences prepares students to pursue dynamic research in history, political science, psychology, sociology, and social work.