The Department of Psychology provides students with a liberal arts background, preparation for professional training and opportunities for personal insight. The courses are geared toward understanding the complex problems and vital issues of human thought and behavior. The undergraduate psychology program is oriented toward the scientific and applied areas of graduate study leading toward the master’s or doctoral degree for professional employment.

Completion of an undergraduate major in psychology prepares a student to pursue studies in such related fields as social work, counseling and guidance, special education, rehabilitation counseling, psychiatric nursing, teaching at the elementary and secondary levels, law or other related fields.

The Department of Psychology offers the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and requires a minimum of 124 hours of course work. General Psychology 103 is a prerequisite for all other department courses. English Composition I and II are required for all 300 and 400 level courses.

The course requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology fall under the following categories:

1. General education and institutional requirements

2. Psychology required courses

3. Psychology Electives. Electives may be chosen from outside the Department to satisfy career objectives.

The Major in Psychology

A major in Psychology requires the following department courses: 103, 213, 223, 233, 243, 253,313, 323, 333, 353, 413, 415, 443, and 463.

In addition, SOCG 113, SOCG 233, SOCG 463 and SOCG 483 are required for the B.A. in Psychology. All candidates for the B.A. degree must successfully complete six hours of foreign language. Consultation with the major advisor is required to coordinate course work with future career goals. Psychology majors are also required to pass a comprehensive examination during their senior year in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

The Minor in Psychology

The minor in psychology requires Social Psychology 223, Psychology of Personality 313, and Abnormal Psychology 323, as well as any three additional psychology specialty courses for a total of eighteen hours. Consult with the chairperson of the Department of Psychology to coordinate course work with future career goals

Faculty: Latisha Bell, Instructor of Psychology
Phone: (501) 370-5312