Philander <span>National Alumni Association</span>

Philander National Alumni Association

National Alumni Association

The National Alumni Association is open to all graduates of Philander Smith University and strives to keep graduates engaged with the institution.

Through National Alumni Chapters across the country, the NAA organizes graduates and former students who reside in a city or in close proximity, into a unified body affiliated with the National Alumni Association. It is the vehicle which fosters the advancement of the University and programs which directly influence higher education. Efforts and services rendered in the name of a Philander Smith University Alumni Chapter help to strengthen the image and recognition of the University in a particular local community.

National Alumni Association

Officers Roster 2022-2023
Executive Board Roster

Send communications to the National Alumni Association to or to the Office of Alumni Relations, at (501) 370-5271.

National Officers

Roderick L. Dunn background image
Roderick L. Dunn profile image

Roderick L. Dunn


Alice Richardson background image
Alice Richardson profile image

Alice Richardson

Vice President

Jasmine Miller background image
Jasmine Miller profile image

Jasmine Miller

Second Vice President

Geoffrey R. Shiloh background image
Geoffrey R. Shiloh profile image

Geoffrey R. Shiloh

Third Vice President

Herman L. Davis background image
Herman L. Davis profile image

Herman L. Davis

Immediate Past President

Veronica Booth background image
Veronica Booth profile image

Veronica Booth

Recording Secretary

Wilma Toombs background image
Wilma Toombs profile image

Wilma Toombs


Joanette S. Payne background image
Joanette S. Payne profile image

Joanette S. Payne

Financial Secretary

Lamor Williams background image
Lamor Williams profile image

Lamor Williams

Corresponding Secretary

Rev. Shelby Taylor background image
Rev. Shelby Taylor profile image

Rev. Shelby Taylor


Regional Presidents

Jearlene Miller background image
Jearlene Miller profile image

Jearlene Miller

Central America Region

Earl Hardaway background image
Earl Hardaway profile image

Earl Hardaway

Eastern Region

Dr. Leslie K. Etienne background image
Dr. Leslie K. Etienne profile image

Dr. Leslie K. Etienne

Midwest Region

NAAPSC Chapter Officers and Representative

Constance Franklin background image
Constance Franklin profile image

Constance Franklin


Vacant background image
Vacant profile image



Lillie Tyler-Paddio background image
Lillie Tyler-Paddio profile image

Lillie Tyler-Paddio


Gerald D. Thomas background image
Gerald D. Thomas profile image

Gerald D. Thomas

Central Arkansas

Archester Neal background image
Archester Neal profile image

Archester Neal


Cynthia Tanner Scott background image
Cynthia Tanner Scott profile image

Cynthia Tanner Scott


Marcel E. Jagne-Shaw background image
Marcel E. Jagne-Shaw profile image

Marcel E. Jagne-Shaw


Edna Ricks background image
Edna Ricks profile image

Edna Ricks

Greater Little Rock

Dr. Leslie K. Etienne background image
Dr. Leslie K. Etienne profile image

Dr. Leslie K. Etienne


Rupert Thomas background image
Rupert Thomas profile image

Rupert Thomas

Greater Kansas City

Arnell Willis, Sr. background image
Arnell Willis, Sr. profile image

Arnell Willis, Sr.

Greater Kansas City

Stephanie Hayes-Floyd background image
Stephanie Hayes-Floyd profile image

Stephanie Hayes-Floyd


Vivian Hines background image
Vivian Hines profile image

Vivian Hines

Los Angeles

Jamie Simelton background image
Jamie Simelton profile image

Jamie Simelton


Jamal Williams background image
Jamal Williams profile image

Jamal Williams


Beatrice Strong background image
Beatrice Strong profile image

Beatrice Strong

Metro St. Louis

Willarene Beasley background image
Willarene Beasley profile image

Willarene Beasley

Twin City/Minnesota

Evelyn Baker background image
Evelyn Baker profile image

Evelyn Baker

Greater DC/Metro