Philosophy <span>and Religion</span>

Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy and Religion

The Department of Philosophy and Religion graduates are prepared to enter graduate school leading to professional careers in Theological Education, Medicine, Ministry, Law, Public Service, Civil Service, Peace Corps, and Social Justice Advocacy.

General Education Requirements

The Philosophy and Religion Major is required to earn a C or above in his/her General Education English classes, Humanities’ Requirements, as well as Philosophy and Religion requirements. It is recommended for the P & R Major to take Advanced Composition. It is also recommended that the Major take DRA 113 Drama I. Other electives should be determined by Emphasis area and approved by Major Advisor. For example, if the Major is interested in law school/political office, s/he should take Intro To Political Science and American Institutions as 2 of the 3 requirements in Social Sciences. If the Major is interested in graduate school or teaching, s/he should take General Psychology and Developmental Psychology as 2 of the 3 requirements. If interested in non-profits career or private industry, s/he should take Economics I as 1 of the 3 requirements. Please note that a P & R Major who starts in the Developmental Program does not count those hours as earned college hours, as these courses are college preparatory classes, necessary for the Major to satisfy the requirements of the General Education curriculum and the Major curriculum.

Philosophy and Religion Curriculum


The Student Learning Outcomes of the Department are to assist the students to:

1. Reinforce Critical Thinking Skills

  • Demonstrate Problem Solving
  • Demonstrate Research Process

2. Introduce Reflective Thinking Skills

  • Demonstrate critical analysis
  • Justify own and others’ discourse

3. Reinforce Social Justice Awareness through Civic Engagement, Ethical Leadership, and Public Policy

  • Participate with diverse cultures
  • Support the causes of Social Justice

4. Produce Confident Communicators with Adaptable, Improvisational, Team Building, Technology, and Pattern Recognition Skills in the Performing, Graphic, and Literary Arts

  • Participate in classroom and community activities to build skills listed above
  • Participate in Departmental Student Clubs
  • Engage in Divisional Events, Internships, PSC Leadership Opportunities, etc

The Minor in Philosophy and Religion

The Minor in Philosophy may include any eighteen hours of courses in the 200, 300, and 400 series as approved by the advising professor and the Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion beyond the general education requirements.

Required Courses for a Minor in Philosophy and Religion

(9 hrs plus 9 elective hours as approved)

In order to complete the course of study for a minor in Philosophy and Religion, students must take three required courses (9 hours) and three elective courses ( 9 hours) for a minor in Philosophy and Religion, including:

One of the following (3 hrs):

  • PHRE 213 The Nature of Existence: Introduction to Metaphysics
  • PHRE 263 Introduction to Epistemology
  • PHRE 273 Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHRE 283 The Nature of Beauty: An Introduction to Aesthetics 80

One of the following (3 hrs):

  • PHRE 413 History of the Interpretation of the Bible
  • PHRE 423 Religious Institutions
  • PHRE 453 Advanced Studies in World Religions
  • PHRE 463 Advanced Studies in Philosophy

One of the following (3 hrs):

  • PHRE 313 Logic
  • PHRE 333 Philosophy of Religion
  • PHRE 353 Applied Ethics
  • PHRE 383 African-American Religion

Three electives from the Philosophy and Religion core (300 or 400 level) course offerings (9 hrs):

  • PHRE 323 Philosophy of Science
  • PHRE 343 Philosophy of Mind
  • PHRE 363 Philosophies of India
  • PHRE 373 Philosophies of China and Japan
  • PHRE 393 In Another Voice: Feminist Critique
  • PHRE 413 History of the Interpretation of the Bible
  • PHRE 433 Introduction to Christology
  • PHRE 443 Introduction to Theology

Faculty: Reverend Dr. Earl Graham

Phone: 501-375-9845