<span>Visual and</span> Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum
The Visual and Performing Arts curriculum consists of two defined areas of focus, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. The Visual Arts consists of concentrations or tracks in the Fine Arts of Painting and Drawing, Art History and Appreciation, Photography, Film, and Graphic Arts. The Performing Arts area of focus consists of concentrations or tracks in Theatre Arts of Acting, Directing, and Production, Dance, and Vocal and Instrumental Music. Each area of focus and its coordinating concentrations provide the history and theory combined with practice and creation.

There are various pathways students can choose to graduate with a major in Visual and Performing Arts. Students may choose a double concentration within one area of focus (Visual Arts or Performing Arts), across both focus areas (Visual and Performing Arts) or minor within another department for an interdisciplinary degree concentration, ex (VAPA degree with a minor in Business, Education, or Psychology). For areas of focus in a Minor, please see the chart below.

Applying to the Visual and Performing Arts Major
Applicants for the Major in Visual and Performing Arts should declare intent no later than the start of sophomore year. By their sophomore year, students must have completed most of their general education requirements.

In addition, interested students must show a portfolio of work create prior to or during their freshman year that correlates to a concentration track within the VAPA Major. Interviews will be conducted as well as a written artistic statement of the student’s interest in visual and performing arts is also required.

Transfer students should contact the department chairperson and the Registrar immediately for approval of transfer courses, placement, and program counseling.

General Education Requirements
The Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Major is required to earn a C or above in his/her General Education VAPA classes, English and Humanities’ Requirements, as well as Philosophy and Religion requirements. It is recommended for the VAPA Major to take World Masterpieces I or II for the General Education Requirement since s/he must take Advanced Composition for English Majors (regular Advanced Composition would be counted as regular General Education requirement). It is also recommended that the VAPA Major take VAPA 103 before taking any of the other Gen Ed Arts electives. Other electives should be determined by emphasis area and approved by Major Advisor. For example, if the VAPA major is interested in graduate school or teaching, s/he should take General Psychology and Developmental Psychology as 2 of the 3 requirements. If interested in non-profits career or private industry, s/he should take Economics I as 1 of the 3 requirements. Please note that a VAPA Major who starts in the Developmental Program does not count those hours as earned college hours, as these courses are college preparatory classes, necessary for the Major to satisfy the requirements of the General Education curriculum and the Major curriculum.

Visual and Performing Arts Program Standing Requirements
VAPA majors must maintain a 2.5 grade point average in the major. Students whose grade point average falls below 2.5 will be granted one semester’s probation in which to raise their average. Students who fail to bring their average up during probation will be dismissed from the major and will not be granted re-admittance. VAPA majors must have portfolios completed during their senior year and submitted to the Department chair.