Working <span>On Campus</span>

Working On Campus

On Campus

Jobs on campus may be part-time, temporary, or seasonal and include roles with Dining and Conference Services, Facilities Services, Security Services, and many others. Student employment opportunities are posted on PSU’s online job board.

Work-Study Jobs

As part of your financial aid package, you may be eligible for a work-study position on campus or in the community. Federal and state work-study programs are awarded based on financial need. Career and Employment Services can help refer you to eligible jobs either on-campus or with a partnering community organization. Unlike regular on-campus jobs, work-study positions are available only for students who qualify and open positions are limited.


An internship is an excellent way to get relevant job experience in your field or help you explore options in multiple fields to see if they’re the right fit for you. These can be paid, unpaid, or even offered for academic credit. You can also try a micro-internship lasting between one week and one month to build your professional portfolio.