More than a catchy buzz phrase or trending hashtag, Philander FORWARD is a commitment to moving Philander Smith College ahead so that it continues to thrive and prosper within the changing landscape of higher education. Philander FORWARD is a mindset that guides the College's work, actions and interactions. Most importantly, Philander FORWARD is a promise to our students, alumni, and community that we are dreaming big and striving to make our big dreams reality during this pivotal juncture in Philander Smith College history. 

Move Forward With Us

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Our History Is Our Legacy

With a legacy that spans 140 years, Philander Smith College, founded in 1877, has a tremendous history and reputation for matriculating leaders who contribute to the fabric of American society. Throughout its existence, Philander Smith has produced titans in the fields of education, ministry, public service, sports, and business whose imprints are uniquely indelible to our city, state and country. Current and future students, faculty, staff and leadership will continue to write history's pages as Philander Smith College presses forward with its evolution.

            Russell R. Williams III, Class of 2020                 Major: Political Science
Hometown: Opelousas, LA

"As I walk the campus day after day and greet faces that I have come to know so well, I am forever grateful for the support and guidance afforded to me by professors and students alike. I will always bear in mind the ways my institution has improved me. Philander is truly a special place to be."



Campus Life


The PSC campus experience is where memories are made and a student's future unfolds. With a number of programs, organizations and activities, students will easily find a unique place in the Panther Community. More than a place to eat and live, the PSC campus is where scholars can succeed and grow. This is where LIFE happens. This is HOME.


Upcoming Events


Library Services

Student Services

Divisions and academic programs at Philander Smith College offer an innovative and integrated liberal arts curriculum with an emphasis on undergraduate research, experiential learning, and study abroad opportunities. Our programs aim to do more than just educate; they strive to prepare scholars to be world changers.

The Donald W. Reynolds Library & Technology Center has what scholars need to support their studies. Students can find print/e-books, articles, journals, DVDs, and more using the library's catalog. From help with correctly citing sources, to finding support for scholarly research, to getting answers to questions and learning to access library databases off campus, the library and its staff are first-rate resources.

Our 'student centric' community is designed to foster each student in their own unique way by addressing the needs of traditional and non-traditional students through a variety of academic and student services. From advising and career counseling to health and wellness, our Student Services team is dedicated to helping each student thrive. 

Tamara Bates, Class of 2016
Current Occupation: Enrollment Specialist                       Philander Smith College

"Coming from my hometown of Memphis, TN, I made one of the best decisions of my life by choosing Philander Smith College for my undergraduate years. I would not trade my experiences there! Philander has truly prepared me for my new career by equipping me to be an agent of change."

Invest in the Future


1877 is a student scholarship fund for need-based scholarships for undergraduate, students. This increased financial aid will enable more students to take part in the Philander experiences that build lifelong skills and help them to achieve their potential. The need-based scholarships created through the 1877 scholarships also help fund the payment of tuition and fees for academically-qualified students.

You Belong in Little Rock

Known as the "Natural State," Arkansas is heralded for the beauty of its natural landscape, clear lakes and streams, wildlife and a sundry of outdoor adventures and activities. Philander Smith College is nestled near the progressive epicenter of Little Rock-the thriving capital city of this charming Southern state. Among one of America's most affordable cities and home to growing business, governmental, non-profit and medical entities, Little Rock is the ideal setting to dream big and make those dreams come true.