Philander Smith University Addresses Incident (s) Near 12th Street Substation
Saturday Oct. 14 2023

Philander Smith University Addresses Incident (s) Near 12th Street Substation

Little Rock, AR (October 14, 2023) Philander Smith University (PSU) wants to express its solidarity with our partners and the community in the vicinity of 12th Street regarding today’s shootings. Although the incident (s) did not occur on our main campus and the 12th Street location was not operational today, the university remains committed to raising awareness about these regrettable incidents in our collaborative community.

The 12th Street Substation is a vital community location–home to Southern Bancorp, UAMS’s Community Cafe, PSU academic departments, community resources, and the Little Rock Police Department. The university proudly supports the revitalization of the 12th Street community and remains committed to fostering positive growth in the area.

This incident (s) reinforces the importance of maintaining the safety and security of the 12th Street area. The university commends the swift response of the Little Rock Police Department.

In light of the incident (s), the Little Rock Police Department will notify all entities located within the 12th Street Substation when the building is cleared for re-entry. Additionally, the university will promptly notify students who occupy this space during class and research time via PSU email to ensure their awareness and safety.

Philander Smith University remains dedicated to providing a secure and nurturing learning environment for students, faculty, and staff.