Philander Smith College Clears Continuing Students’ Balances for Fall 2021
Monday Jul. 26 2021

Philander Smith College Clears Continuing Students’ Balances for Fall 2021

Little Rock, Ark. (July 26, 2021) – Philander Smith College is pleased to announce that it has cleared all outstanding balances for students who attended Spring 2020 through Spring 2021 semesters. As a result, any balance owed to the institution after financial aid, scholarships and/or other payments were applied have been completely wiped out for returning students, paving the way for their Fall 2021 Semester enrollment without financial restraint.

“We understand that the pandemic has disproportionately affected the families of the students we serve in myriad ways, with economic constraints being chief among the impacts,” remarked Philander Smith College President Roderick L. Smothers, Sr. “So it was critically important for us to eliminate any financial obstacle to returning to our institution. Without the pressure of an outstanding a debt to the college, our students can resume their studies with one less burden.”

Along with relief for continuing students, PSC is also offering a $2,000 Enrollment Grant to first-year students who enroll for the fall that will be applied toward tuition and fees. In addition, all students are eligible to receive a $500 Wellness Credit with proof of any COVID-19 vaccination. These financial incentives are being made available to students thanks to funds received through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III (that provided nearly $40 billion to colleges and universities in response to the pandemic) in conjunction with Title III funds.

“While we cannot undo the challenges and sacrifices our students have faced throughout these unprecedented times, we are grateful to be able to provide some financial support to clear the way for them to finish what they have started at Philander Smith College,” Smothers said.

Enrollment is currently taking place for new and returning PSC students. Fall classes start August 16. For more information, visit