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The Student Transition And Retention Services Program assists Philander Smith College in addressing the needs of students through a variety of student services such as: Professional Development and Student Engagement; Disability Support Services; First-Year Experience Peer Mentoring; New Student Orientation; Living/Learning Initiatives; and Transition Programs.


Donna Young
Assistant Director S.T.A.R.S.
Office: 501-370-5254


Michelle Marshall

Student Success Coach
Office: 501-975-8552


Miquan Martin
Student Success Coach
Office: 501-975-5282


Jovonte Mitchell
Coordinator, Student Engagement
Office: 501-975-8591

Success Coaching and Peer Success Specialists

Assists first-year students in their social, personal, academic, and leadership development while helping  hem successfully transition to Philander Smith College.

New Student Orientation (NSO)/Panther Camp

Provides direct programs and services for incoming students and their families that address the process of transition, introducing them to the broad spectrum of curricular and co-curricular opportunities available at PSC.

Living/Learning Initiatives

Assists Philander Smith College in providing students who enter the college with an environment and services
designed to increase their success rate and ensure their
persistence to the next collegiate level.

Office of Professional Development

Information and learning experiences will be provided for students through a series of activities that include workshops, career and graduate school fairs, volunteer/community service projects, assessment, and
internships.  This activity will offer programming that provides leadership development and personal growth experiences for students.

Disability Support Services 

Serves as the campus ADA
resource center for students, faculty, and staff.  Students
with disabilities affecting their academic work may receive reasonable accommodations through Disability Support Services.  The role of Disability Support Services
will be to encourage and assist students with disabilities in
becoming independent learners with the skills and abilities
to take full responsibility for their academic success.  This
will be accomplished by providing educational access
through support, resources, advocacy, collaboration, and
academic adjustments or accommodations.

Transition Programs 

Designed to increase the retention rate for students during their freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years by developing programs designed to engage and assist with their academic needs and
improving their decision-making skills while focusing on
their developmental, academic, career, personal, and social
concerns.  Several programs and events will be provided
in order to assist students in successfully navigating each
year of their experience at PSC.  Through a broad range of
intentional events and programs, Transition Programs will assist students in discovering their strengths, developing their talents, and applying skills and strategies to enhance leadership development, academic and career success, and community and social well-being.