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Minor: Black Family

Black Family Studies is an academic inquiry into the African-American family system and its adaptation throughout American history. The study of the Black Family will reflect a symbolic relationship between the family as a household and the family as a community construct. This field of study will reflect the many contributions of Black community elders within African-American communities in laying the foundation of an essential infrastructure for liberation, survival, and empowerment of the Black Family. 

This academic concentration is offered as a minor. To obtain a minor in Black Family Studies, students must take a minimum of eighteen semester hours from: BFS 300 (Introduction to Black Family Studies), BFS 301 (Socialization of the Black Child), BFS 302 (Social and Political Issues for the Black Family), BFS 303 (Theory and Method in the Study of Black Families), BFS 304 (Gender Dynamics), BFS 305 (Selected Issues in Black Family Studies), and BFS 443 (Field Practicum).