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PSC Center for Workforce Innovation and Strategic Economic Public Private Partnerships (WISE P3)


Executive Director: Glenn Sergeant

Corporate and Community Outreach Development Officer: R. Roosevelte Williams III


Apprenticeship Preparation Program for Information Technology/Computer Science (APPS)

Director: Glenn Sergeant

The objectives of the APPS program are:

1) Expand the number of TANF/TEA-SNAP eligible families/individuals and youth aging out of foster care participating in IT/Computer Science Registered Apprenticeships by offering apprenticeship preparation training.

2) Collaborate with Workforce Centers that provide individualized wrap-around case management and support services to increase retention and successful completion of training programs.

3) Establish an infrastructure to align college credit with Apprenticeships to create advanced education opportunities and career pathways, which can be scaled to other high demand sectors.


Microsoft at PSC

Program Coordinator: R. Roosevelte Williams III

The Microsoft Community Workforce Skills Program at Philander Smith College seeks to provide students, community members, and community employer partners with access to trainings, certificates, and credentials that help strengthen their ability to pursue a livable wage. These experiences will be coupled with the presence of current employees of each respective career field, to add context and guide conversations for the cohort and session attendees. Sessions are virtual and in person. 

Philander Smith College Community Development Corporation

Program Coordinator: R. Roosevelte Williams III

The PSC CDC is focusing its efforts on the following:

  1. Motivating Philander Smith College students to engage in Greater Little Rock communities

  2. Coordinating service projects and efforts with local groups and entities

  3. Strengthening the relationship with surrounding neighborhoods and communities

  4. Engaging local leaders to have intentional dialogue about the use of land, spaces, and homes

    The PSC CDC is happy to announce its partnership with Union Pacific Foundation. The Urban Scholars Community Outreach Project, sponsored by UPF at a level of $10,000, includes PSC students partnering with community leaders in the fields of government, social services, healthcare, and business, for learning and informational sessions. These sessions will detail how each field interfaces with the community and ways that the leaders have remedied problems that have arisen. Finally, the session will be followed by a service project, created by the community leader, to help put some of the information learned into action.