PSC Summer Programs

Just because it is summer, doesn't mean your education has to stop. Prepare for your "Summer of Success" by taking part in a broad range of summer courses and programs at Philander Smith College. Whether you're a current PSC student, or attend a different college, Summer Sessions and programs at PSC are a great way to catch up and get ahead. 

2019 DATES:

Summer Session I : May 20 - June 21

Summer Session II : June 26 - July 24



Our classroom-based summer courses offer you an opportunity to earn course credit while learning from the skilled faculty of PSC. The variety of course options help students of all majors catch up on missed course work or help lighten the academic load for the Fall and Spring semesters.

PSC's online learning environment is ideal for for anyone looking for flexibility in their summer study schedule. You can experience the quality and excellence of Philander classes from a convenient location.



Classroom based

Business Math I
Business Statistics
Calculus I College Chemistry I Lecture College Chemistry I Lab College Algebra College English College Math College Reading College Trigonometry
Composition I Composition II Exp Organic Chem I Lecture Exp Organic Chem I Lab
General Biology Lecture
General Biology Lab Intro Black Family
Intro to Sociology Leadership
Math Foundations
Microcomputer Applications Problems of Aging Principles Accounting I Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II




American National Government Cont African American Lit Domestic Violence CJ Internship Cyberspace Crim Act Elem Spanish I Gov’t & Public Admin Human Beh & Soc Envir I Internship/Research
Intro to Political Science
Intro to Social Work Macroeconomics
Microcomputer Applications N&N Motor Skills Physical Science Lecture Physical Science Lab Social Welf & Pol Survey Wld Relig Trad Technical Writing Theory & Prac Baseball TP: Child Abuse & Negl

Hybrid/Blended Courses

Core Acad Educators-Hybrid Developmental Psych - Hybrid Ethics & Society - Hybrid General Practice I - Hybrid General Psych-Hybrid


Classroom Based

American National Government
Business Math II
Calculus II
College Algebra College Chemistry II Lecture
College Chemistry II Lab
College Math
College Trigonometry Composition I
Composition II Exp Organic Chem II Lab Exp Organic Chem II Lecture Human Resource Management Marriage & Family
Microcomputer Applications
Physical Science Lab Principles Accting II
Social/Black Child
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II


Adv. Composition African Politics American National Government Basic Speech
Contemporary African-American Literature
CJ Internship
Development Psychology Drugs & Crime Elem Spanish II
English Sp. Topic: Travelogue
Ethics and Society Hum Beh & Soc Envir II Microcomputer Applications Microeconomics Legal, Social, Ethical
General Psychology
Intro to Political Science Intro to Social Work Physical Motor Skills
Physical Science Lecture Prod & Oper Mgmt
Theory/Prac Track/Field
Studies of Gangs ST: Travelogue Social Welf & Pol II TP: Foster Care

Hybrid/Blended Courses

Social Work Practice II
Survey of World Religious Traditions