Student Consumer Information

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires institutions participating in federally funded financial aid programs to make information about the institution available to the public, current and prospective students, current and prospective student loan borrowers, and current employees.  Therefore, Philander Smith College is committed to the principle of promoting access to information that will allow consumers to make informed decisions about post-secondary education.  Please use the links below for disclosure information pertaining to consumer information for students, parents, employees, and the college community to make informed decisions about higher education.  If written information is preferred, you may request such from the appropriate institutional office. (See Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Institutional Information under General Information below).

General Institutional Information

               History and Mission of Philander Smith College
              Undergraduate Admissions
          Characteristics of the Philander Smith College Student Body
               Institutional and Program Accreditation
                  -   Institutional Accreditation
                  -     Program Accreditation
               10-Year Long-Range Strategic Plan for Philander Smith College
               Religious Life and Campus Culture
               Athletics Information
               Human Resources
               Student Achievement
               Fact Sheets
               Retention and Graduation Rates
              Voter Registration
             College Navigator
             Athletic Awards by Sport, Race, and Gender


Other Policies and Information


              Academic Programs and Policies          
              Academic Calendar/Course Schedules        
              Course Catalog
              Library Services
              Social Justice Institute
            Copyright Infringement Policy 


Health and Safety
              Campus Safety and Security/Emergency Response
              Disability Services
              Health Services

Related Policies Information
               Financial Aid and Student Accounts
                 -     Scholarship Opportunities
                 -    Financial Aid Forms and Documents
               Business Office
               Student Handbook
               Textbook Information
              Residential Life
               Drug Law Violation Penalty


              To submit a complaint to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, use this link: Arkansas     Department of Higher Education

              To submit a complaint to the Higher Learning Commission, use this link: Higher Learning Commission.