Scholarship Opportunities

The College’s scholarship and grant program recognize academic achievements and special talents of students. Scholarship candidates are selected from the pool of admitted applicants. Your admissions application serves as your scholarship application.  Eligibility in no way guarantees awarding. These awards are based upon both academic-merit and demonstrated financial need.  Both factors are essential in the awarding of institutional aid.

Institutional Scholarships & Grants

  •  Presidential Scholar (Full Tuition & Fees, Room & Board, Books)
  •  Thomas Mason Scholar (Full Tuition & Fees)
  •  George C. Taylor Scholar (Half-Tuition)
  •  Talent-Based Scholarship
  •  Athletic Scholarship
  •  Endowed Scholarship
  •  United Methodist Scholarships
  •  United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Scholarships

Renewal & Eligibility Criteria

To maintain eligibility, all institutional aid recipients must earn a minimum of 30 semester hours each academic year and maintain the following cumulative grade point averages:

 Presidential Scholar            3.4 GPA
 Thomas Mason Scholar       3.2 GPA
 George C. Taylor Scholar    3.0 GPA
 Transfer Scholar                 3.0 GPA