McKinley Newton Honors Academy

The McKinley Newton Honors Academy was founded in 2001 and named for one of the College’s most distinguished and admired teacher-administrators. Although all PSC students may attain college-wide or departmental honors within the regular curriculum, those who participate in the Honors Academy receive an enriched academic and extra-curricular experience in this special program. They enroll as a cohort in a team-taught, integrated course curriculum in their freshman year, and are given priority enrollment in special seminars each succeeding year. Research, field trips, travel to honors conferences, off-campus events, internships, and other opportunities for personal and intellectual growth are provided.

Incoming freshmen with an ACT of 25+ and a high school GPA of 3.5+ are automatically invited; others with slightly lower scores (ACT of 20+) and averages (GPA of 3.2+) will be accepted if space is available. Continuing PSC students may also apply if they have attained a 3.2 GPA at the College, present a letter of recommendation from a full- time faculty member, and write an essay explaining why they wish to participate.

The Academy follows a model of student development that is coherent and intentionally designed to promote intellectual inquiry by developing students who will become leaders and policy makers and who will make decisions which are informed by a heightened moral, ethical, global, and social justice sensibilities.



Chair: Mrs. Shannon Clowney-Johnson , Interim Program Director                                               Phone:  (501) 370-5258
Location:  Titus Academic Center, Room 120