Degree Programs

Philander Smith College offers 20 undergraduate majors across 5 core academic divisions. Such a wide range of disciplines offers innovative and integrated approaches to the liberal arts curriculum. Emphasized also is undergraduate research, experiential learning, and study abroad.

Division of Natural & Physical Sciences

  • BS in Biology (e.g., medicine; nursing; medical technology; dentistry; pharmacy)

  • BS in Chemistry

  • BS in Computer Science

    • Health Information Technology Concentration

    • Cybersecurity Concentration

  • BS in Mathematics

  • BS in General Science

Continuing Education and Professional Studies

  • Philander Smith Management Institute (PSMI)

    • BAA in Organizational Management

  • Weekend College

  • Workforce Innovation Strategic and Economic Public Private Partnerships (WISE P3)

Dual Degree Programs

  • Engineering (3+2 with University of Arkansas, Fayetteville)

  • Public Health (4+1 with University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)

Division of General Education

Division of Business administration

BA in Business Administration

  • Accounting concentration

  • Entrepreneurship concentration

  • Healthcare administration concentration

  • Management concentration

  • Marketing concentration

  • Organizational Management concentration (PSMI)

Division of Education

  • BS in Elementary Education K-6

  • BA in Physical Education

Division of Arts and Humanities

  • BA in English

  • BA in Philosophy and Religion

Division of Social Sciences

  • BA in Political Science

  • BS in Criminal Justice

  • BSW in Social Work

  • BA in Psychology

  • BA in Sociology

    • Minor: Black Family