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Student Programs

Religious Life Council

The Religious Life Council is a student-led organization which provides support for religious organizations on-campus and provides a fellowship for students who are committed to fostering conversation between people of all faiths and beliefs at Philander Smith. The RLC holds monthly meetings, mission and service opportunities, and public programs in which we explore the intersections of religion and society.


Empowering The African American Male (EAAM)

EAAM is a mentoring program which seeks to EMPOWER college-aged men.

Program objectives include:

  • To advance an understanding and appreciation of physical, emotional, spiritual, and social awareness and responsibility;
  • To establish networks between young adult males and high school youth as a deterrent to substance abuse;
  • To encourage critical awareness of myths and stereotypes of African Americans presented in the media;
  • To develop creative thinking and leadership skills;
  • To strengthen personal goal setting and commitment to education;
  • To promote healthy, responsible relationships between male and female students; and
  • To create networks of exposure to the results of substance abuse; and the short- and long-term implications to the individual and community.


Chosen Generation Gospel Choir

The Chosen Generation Gospel Choir is a student-led choral group which provides music for First Thursday Chapel experiences. In addition, they perform at other venues on campus and throughout the Great Little Rock community. Chosen Generation, as they are affectionately called, performs a wide variety of gospel music ranging from traditional hymns to the most modern-day contemporary hits including many non-traditional, innovative surprises.


Social Justice Mission Project

Social Justice Mission Project provides scholarship, training and internships in the area of social justice.

In addition, the program serves as preparation for students to serve in mission and community service. Topics discussed include but were not limited to: justice-work versus charity- work, the make-up and impacts of social identity, and conflict resolution tactics. All of these topics are used to further expand the student's perspective of diversity in addition to promoting care for all our neighbors—God's children.

Following the training, students are sent into the community to actively engage in justice ministries through churches and non- profit organizations in Little Rock and the Greater Little Rock area.


PSC Ministers' Alliance

PSC's Ministers' Alliance is a group of students who feel that they have been called into ministry. The group includes those who want to preach, work with youth, children, families etc. If you feel that God is calling you to be in the ministry in some way, shape or form, please contact Rev. Ronnie Miller-Y


Christian Scholars/

S.T.A.R.T. Track

The Philander Smith College Christian Scholars is a track/pathway of the Philander Smith College S.T.A.R.T. Program. This pathway is designed for those students who have been diligent in performing church-related duties. They must be interested in sharing the tenets of their faith with others through committed work with the Philander Smith College campus religious life and ministries.

These students must be of good moral character, devoted to service and willing to devote time to helping others through peer counseling, round table discussions, etc.  Many of these students are interested in ministry. This program is poised to make a significant, positive impact to the leadership pipeline of minority church leaders.

All Christian Scholars participate in an annual retreat.  Students also meet weekly for worship and monthly for spiritual growth activities and service opportunities.