Religious Life

Wesley Bible

The Office of Religious Life at Philander Smith College exists to guide and to nurture spiritual and ethical life for those persons within the Philander Smith College Community. We are committed to foster an environment supportive of spiritual and faith based formation. We recognize that a spiritual/religious journey can be an important, balancing complement to the numerous challenges one faces in the pursuit of academic and career goals.

While each one of us participates in and leads worship and study in her/his own religious traditions, our primary objective as an office is to collaborate and work with all constituents of the college.

Our aim is to be the beacon of light for the Philander Smith College Community that engages people in both faith and intellect through passionate worship, spiritual reflection, religious dialogue, and risk taking mission and service.



Reverend Ronnie Miller-Yow
Chaplain/Dean for Religious Life and Campus Culture

Our office is located on the second floor of the M. L. Harris Fine Arts Building.







Worship and Word Chapel is held each Thursday at 11:00 am in Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church.  Worship experiences are student led.

Small groups are led by student ministers.  The purpose of these groups is for faith formation, fellowship, prayer and the study of God’s Word in community.

PSC Minister’s Alliance is a group of students who sense the call of God of their life calling them to a vocation of ministry. 

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is held each year the week before Thanksgiving and offers the chance to for our campus community to contribute to the national social movement regarding issues regarding homelessness in America.

Religious Emphasis Week is held each year the last of February and serves as an opportunity to celebrate our faith and to share it not only as a campus community, but with the larger community as a whole. 


The Office of Religious Life affords students the opportunity to participate in a number of student organizations that further their religious growth and experience through faith-building, fellowship, and service to others. Below are some of the students organizations sponsored by the Office of Religious Life and Campus Culture.

  • Empowering the African American Male Mentoring Program
  • Chosen Generation Gospel Choir
  • Social Justice Mission Project
  • PSC Ministers Alliance
  • Chapel Interns
  • Miss Religious Life




The Philander Forward Theological Institute will offer a spectrum of activities and experiences designed to shape and contribute to the spiritual growth and development of high school students.


Religious Life and Campus Culture, the Philander Forward Church Leadership Institute seeks to provide valuable instructions in church leadership for laity and clergy.

“The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf