Campus Culture

The Office of Campus Culture is newly formed as one the Philander Forward Initiatives of President Roderick L. Smothers.

Campus Culture refers to the attitudes, decisions, practices, policies, behaviors, and standards of alumni, faculty, staff, administrators and students that, taken together, constitute the learning, living and working environment of Philander Smith College.

All members of the Philander Smith College Community should believe that they are members of a supportive learning, living and working environment. 

Such a culture is everyone's responsibility, and includes fostering an environment that embraces the Philander Smith College's Timeless Human Values:

Respect for Self

Respect for Others

Respect for PSC




With the aforementioned in mind, the Office of Campus Culture and Campus Culture Transformation Taskforce has been charged to set the tone for the successful recruitment and retention of students, faculty, staff and administration, and to ensure the long term participation of alumni and other stakeholders.


Rev. Ronnie Miller Yow, Chaplain
Dean of Religious Life & Campus Culture
(501) 370-5296