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PSC’s Response To The Coronavirus Is Focused Around 3 P’s: Prevention, Precaution And Preparedness

Updated as of May 29, 2020

Having heard some of your most frequently asked questions (FAQs), we have compiled and answered a few that we believe you will find helpful. We will continuously add to these FAQs and update them as necessary, so please regularly check the Coronavirus Updates Webpage for new and refreshed information as things evolve.

We regret that these decisions had to be made; this is certainly not how we envisioned the Spring 2020 Semester, but your safety and health are important to us. It is quite understandable that you may be experiencing a sense of loss and feelings of anxiety associated with this temporary “new normal.” This public health crisis has upended all of our lives, but what we know for sure is that we are stronger and resilient when we are united, flexible, patient and supportive. 

Again, we will continuously add to these FAQs to address matters as we navigate along. Be sure you are signed up for e2campus so you can receive alerts when new information has been shared or updated. We have also established a dedicated email address at for your convenience to reach out and ask your questions or to voice your concerns.