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Media Relations

The Office of Marketing & Public Relations is responsible for enhancing and advancing the reputation of Philander Smith College. The office is responsible for:

  • General inquiries about the college and its affairs;

  • Coordinating and responding to inquiries from members of the media;

  • Advising, when requested, on the preparation of printed materials;

  • Assisting with special events;

  • Coordinating the production of internal and external bulletins and magazines;

  • Questions regarding the official logo and its usage (graphic standards);

  • Coordinating and designing all College advertisement and marketing materials;

  • Coordinating community relations activities.

Media Access to Campus & Credentials
If you are planning to cover a story that requires contact with any member of the Philander Smith faculty, staff, or student body you must contact the Office of Marketing & Public Relations at (501) 370-5310 for proper clearance.  

Reporters or media outlets wishing to conduct photo or video shoots on campus must also obtain proper clearance from the Office of Marketing & Public Relations. No media outlet will be permitted to bring any camera or recording devices on campus without prior notification. No on-campus live shots will be permitted of broadcast crews who have not received prior consent.

Faculty Sources on Call
When news breaks or you’re tracking a trend, let a Philander Smith College expert add depth to your story. The Office of Marketing & Public Relations can match reporters with knowledgeable faculty experts. 



All logos and phrases must be used in a consistent manner. Inconsistency in form may erode the strength of our symbols.

All images must appear sharp, clear, and undistorted in every application. Any and ALL marketing and media must be approved by the Marketing Department prior to distribution.

Philander Logos

Please right click over the appropriate image you need for your project and select "save as" to download.

Need Access to one of our faculty or administrators?

Please contact our Marketing Department at
(501) 370-5214 or via e-mail at