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  • Coronavirus Updates

In our continued efforts to safeguard, inform and keep our Community connected, the Executive Cabinet is meeting daily to address the ever-changing needs and concerns resulting from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is our goal – in the face of these unique challenges – to provide frequent messaging and updated guidance that will not only help you do what’s best for yourself, but also make you aware of plans and intentions that have collective impact upon our Campus Community.

We’re sure you can agree that it has become almost overwhelming to keep up with the myriad changes that have taken place over the last several days. With this in mind, we ask for your understanding and support as the College – taking into consideration information that is being released daily – may have to adjust its plans at a moment’s notice.

With that said, having heard some of your most frequently asked questions (FAQs), we have compiled and answered a few that we believe you will find helpful. We will continuously add to these FAQs and update them as necessary, so please regularly check the Coronavirus Updates Webpage for new and refreshed information as the situation evolves.

Q:  What will happen after Spring Break?

A:  On Monday, March 23rd, hybrid remote instruction will begin. This means that classes will not meet face-to-face until further notice. Instead, coursework will be delivered through diverse options such as online, email or conference call, Google Classroom, Zoom, or other virtual methods. Each professor will determine what is best for his/her teaching style, subject matter, capabilities, etc. while attempting to meet the overall needs of learners.

Q: So, are you saying we should not come back for the rest of the semester?

A:  For now, we are leaving it up to each student to decide what is best for his or her situation. What we will advise, however, is that should you decide to return to school, campus life will be drastically different. We will be taking serious precautions and practicing social distancing. So you should know that:

  • All student activities and events have been canceled. There will be no large gatherings around campus;

  • The gymnasium and the Tate Recreation Center will be closed;

  • Residential halls will be open, but there will be no visitation (strictly enforced). To be clear, this means no off-campus visitors, room-to-room nor building-to-building;

  • Food services will be available – but this could mean boxed or individually-prepared meals delivered to the residence halls rather than coming to the cafeteria en masse for meal times; and

  • The City of Little Rock has also announced a curfew that is being enforced from 12 a.m. – 5 a.m. 

Please know that these decisions have been made in accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines – coupled with recommendations from updates provided by the Governor of Arkansas and the Mayor of Little Rock. While the campus is operational and providing shelter, meals, access to Wi-Fi and student support services, there will be no refunds nor adjustments to student accounts for housing and meal plans. These are all factors to help you determine whether you want to be on campus or elsewhere while in-person classes are suspended and social distancing is being enforced.

Q:  What about my personal belongings? If I decide not to come back following Spring Break, will I be able to get my stuff?

A:  The College is not closed. This means that if you need to, and you’re able to return for your things, you can. However, if the campus must be shut down, arrangements will be made and communicated about when you can come back for your belongings. Please contact the Interim Director of Housing, Mr. Paul Crawford, at or by phone at (501) 370-5330 to inform him of your plans.

Q:  I’m a work-study student. With us going to remote instruction, will I be able to get paid?

A: If you decide to stay home, the College will pay you the minimum of 12 hours per week through March 31st. The hours will be entered for you by the Office of Human Resources. However, if you are on campus and would like to maintain your normal schedule, you may do so. You should contact your work-study supervisor for further details.

Q: How will I access my classes online?

A:  Students will utilize the Jenzabar eLearning System to access their online classroom. The portal is accessible through JICS (My Panther Login). Tips for students using eLearning will be provided by Academic Affairs. Video tutorials are also available on YouTube. Please diligently check your PSC email for these tips and further instructions! If you need technical assistance with your student email account or accessing your MyPanther portal, please contact

Q:  Will student mail services still be available?

A:  Mail services will be available as long as the Campus remains open. If you have decided to go home or remain home, please consider forwarding all mail, packages, delivery services, etc., to your current address. If you expect a critical package (i.e. medication) while away from the College, please contact Mr. Alvin Harris, Bookstore Manager, at to assist with delivery to your current address. Please note that UPS and FedEx delivery addresses can generally be updated through each service’s website by utilizing the tracking number provided.

We regret that these decisions had to be made; this is certainly not how we envisioned the Spring 2020 Semester, but your safety and health are important to us. It is quite understandable that you may be experiencing a sense of loss and feelings of anxiety associated with this temporary “new normal.” This public health crisis has upended all of our lives, but what we know for sure is that we are stronger and resilient when we are united, flexible, patient and supportive.

Again, we will continuously add to these FAQs to address matters as we navigate alongBe sure you are signed up for e2campus so you can receive alerts when new information has been shared or updated. We have also established, for your convenience, a dedicated email address at where you can direct your questions and/or voice your concerns.

Yours in Moving Philander Forward,

The PSC Executive Cabinet

  • Coronavirus Updates