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Post-Approval for HSRB Monitoring

HSRB Research Project Renewal

At-risk (full board) research projects may not continue past their approval expiration date (one year after approval). The date on which your project's HSRB approval expires can be found on the HSRB approval memo. If you are unsure of your project's approval expiration date, please e-mail If you wish to continue your research project (ongoing data collection) beyond its original approval expiration date, submit the HSRB Continuing Review form within 30 days of the project's expiration date.  Projects may be renewed twice over the course of the project, resulting in three years total project time. If modifications will be made to the study design or procedures, please submit an updated application with modifications highlighted. If there are no changes to the research as described in the original HSRB Application after a year, resubmit the most recent version of your HSRB Application. 

As of July 19, 2018, minimal risk (expedited review) projects no longer expire and, thus, do not require continuing review by the HSRB. At-risk projects that are at the data analysis only stage are also now exempt from continuing review procedures.

HSRB Research Project Modification

If there are substantive changes to a research proposal, researchers will need to complete and submit the HSRB Modification form to request approval for these changes, with changes highlighted in all supporting documents (e.g., questionnaires, etc.). These changes may be implemented as soon as they are approved by the HSRB.

HSRB Research Project Completion

At the completion of the project, researchers are expected to submit the HSRB Final Report form. This report communicates to us that your research has concluded properly. Research for which a Final Report has not been received may be considered non-compliant.