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Planning and Timelines

The HSRB will only review proposals turned in during Weeks 1-13 of each semester.  So, if you intend to do research over a winter or summer break, be proactive about submitting research proposals early. 

For projects that qualify for self-determination, researchers will be notified within 24 business hours if their project is deemed to NOT qualify for exemption.

For projects that qualify as minimal risk or at-risk, it typically takes 5-10 business days for an initial review to be conducted, at which point changes or additional information may be requested and a re-review may need to be conducted.  It is therefore imperative that you request review in plenty of time to go through this process before the start date of your research.  Researchers can also email and request a summer review (please note that there is no winter break review), but there would need to be a compelling reason that is directly related to the research (i.e., part of a summer research experience involves faculty and students writing an HSRB proposal).  For summer review to be considered, this request must be made during week 1-13 of the semester prior to the research and there is no guarantee that summer review will be granted.