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HSRB Forms

HSRB Mission
HSRB Committee Membership and Meetings (AY 2022-2023)

HSRB Review Request Forms

●      What Counts as Research with Human Subjects? 

●      Do I need to go through the HSRB?

●      Is my research exempt from review? 

●      Self-Determination Form

●      IRB Request for Protocol Review Form

●      Request for Continuing Review Form

●      Request for Protocol Modification Form

●      Checklist for Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB) submission

Informed Consent Templates

●      Guidelines for Creating Informed Consent Process and Documents

●      Template for Child Assent Form for Ages 6-13

●      Template for Minor Assent Form for Ages 14-17

●      Template for Adult Consent Letter


●      Adverse Event Form

●      Procedure for Incentives for Research Participants

●      Continuing Review Form

●      Modification Form

●      Final Report Form